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Moving artwork is an absolutely critical process that should never be entrusted to amateurs or "professional movers." Museum Services has the experience and resources to successfully move art across town, or the country.

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We install fine art, regardless of size or weight. We are experienced handlers of valuable works of art and carefully install them to your exacting standards. 

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Archival and Custom Framing

Museum Services constructs and repairs museum-quality frames of virtually any size and design. On-site framing for over-sized works, textile mounting and custom lucite box framing is also available.

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Crating and Custom Fabrication

Museum Services provides custom crating, from museum quality travel cases to one way containers. We can also custom fabricate mounts to display art of any medium, including display cases and pedestals. 

Conservation and Restoration

Museum Services has highly experienced staff trained in the conservation and restoration of all media of artwork, whether the damage is from fire, water, accidents or the cumulative effects of time.
See examples of our work here.

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Climate Controlled Storage

Our facility in Minneapolis can accommodate art work of virtually any size for either short or long-term storage. We have over 5,000 square feet of climate-controlled storage, complete with central alarm systems. 

Collection Management

Collection Management

We offer meticulous collection management for all of our clients needs, including inventory and documentation, shipping and receiving services, condition reports, viewing rooms and valuations for personal or insurance records.